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Teeth Whitening

Отбеливание зубов

Who does not dream to have beautiful, white smile? White Teeth said about health and youth rights. That's why people are trying all possible ways to lightenteeth. Among such methods include the use of whitening toothpastes. It is worthjust mentioning the fact that these actions are extremely harmful to the teeth.

The main effect of whitening toothpastes based on the action of so-calledabrasive that scratches the enamel, as well as contribute to the output of minerals from the tooth. All this leads to increased tooth sensitivity andabrasion of dental hard tissue with the formation of a defect in the cervicalregion. In short, nothing good in whitening toothpastes do not. But in case youstill are using these means of hygiene, then remember that their use should bestrictly limited and it is no more than a month.

Dentists against the whitening toothpastes, but they understand people's desire to have white teeth. That's why they recommend the use of professionalwhitening systems to achieve the desired result. When using professional toolsto whiten teeth, dentists can prevent all possible complications, as well as to predict a particular outcome of procedure.

Despite the fact that teeth whitening is not curative, and the image process, itshould take place under strict supervision of a specialist. As it is necessary to take into account the fact that there is a category of people who havecontraindications to this manipulation, why should consult a doctor about it.

There are two types of bleaching - Office or the clinical and home.

The idea is that the office teeth whitening conducted in a dental chair and tookin time a little more than an hour. A home bleaching carried out by the patientat home using special caps and over time can take from 1 to 3 weeks. Andbesides, and to another requires a special bleaching, the so-called training ofthe teeth, which carries a dentist. First, the mandatory need professional oral hygiene, and then active remineralizatsionnaya therapy to reduce the risk oftooth sensitivity, which is often observed in any teeth whitening.

The difference bleaching effect of toothpastes and professional media is,firstly, as a result, and secondly, the safety and harmful effects on teeth.

Doctors believe that quality to whiten teeth only in clinics, as this procedure is not considered useful. Naturally, in bleaching, tooth enamel is affected. And not only enamel. If you enjoy yourself bleaching agents, are sold inpharmacies and shops, you can change and microflora of mouth. After all, even whitening toothpastes, doctors recommend using no more than twice aweek. As a result of bleaching increased tooth sensitivity to hot, to cold, sour,sweet. May have an irritation of the gums. There are times when teethpereotbelivayutsya and become dull, not natural.

After bleaching the teeth to avoid food coloring (bright vegetables, wine, tea,coffee and so on), otherwise you can get the color of your teeth completelyunexpected. Smokes as well to avoid. As with every medical procedure, there are some contraindications. Doctors dentists recommend people to whiten your teeth at least 18-20 years. It is impossible to carry out this procedure to those who have sensitive teeth, pregnant and lactating mothers, diabetes, andcancer, with periodontitis, who wears braces, and neuro psychiatric disorderswho have dental caries. It is very important to consider if you have a lot of fillings and crowns, the first held bleach, then pereprotezirovanie. Change the color of fillings can be just an external coating.

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