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Anti AIDS Program

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Anti AIDS Program

In the dental office "Estetdent"(Mogilev), the provision of health services focuson ensuring patient safety during treatment. Here is the program of protection Anti-AIDS patient - Antigepatit, which is awhole range of activities including the use of special methods, sterilepackaging, tools and hardware supplies. In health care, do not practice suchprotective systems, there is a significant risk of contracting viral infections.Protection Program Anti-AIDS patient - Antigepatit can reliably block the possible route of infection by all groups of viruses, bacteria, toxins, spores, and any other harmful agents.

The main phase of the program

Sterilization of all reusable instruments. Pre-cleaned in an ultrasonic bath andsanitized in a special solution tool is sealed in a bag and then subjected toautoclaving. Sterilized in special autoclaves and dental handpieces. Sterile instruments, processed and packaged in such a way guaranteed to bemaintained throughout the year. Instruments in sterile bags stored in a specialcabinet equipped with a UV irradiator. From this cabinet assistant deliverstools to the table the doctor.

Key part of the program AntiAIDS-Antigepatit in dentistry:

This sterilizing handpieces - rotating devices, which are established forests. Ifthe tip does not change, tissue debris and dental plaque, which are stored on the rotor tip, the invisible but powerful jet coming in the next patient's mouthand through the mucosal injury are likely to infect it. In our case, the tip aftereach patient should be cleaned, disinfected in a special setup, and thenpacked into a package and sterilized in an autoclave. The package is openeddirectly into the patient's presence.

Several times a day, the air in the room air conditioner is driven by providingits sterilization by ultraviolet light.

Based on the principle of separation, each patient used a one-off kit consisting of 2 shoe covers, cover on the headrest, chest napkins, plasticsaliva ejector, wipes for disinfecting the chair, and surrounding equipment,disposable handkerchief. In this case, a doctor, and an assistant use gloves and masks.

We believe our patients should be protected.

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